Movement Mechanics Design

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Movement Mechanics Design

Post by RedEye on Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:08 pm

Movement Mechanics is the first design topic this board will focus on. The team will be very actively participating in the discussions in this subforum.

The project Movement Mechanics subforum should be used for all discussions about the design of the core movement mechanics of this game. Movement mechanics are absolutely fundamental to any game and have major implications for other essential game systems (like level design, reachable areas for some and unreachable for others), we really have to start here.

Please read these tips (link here later) to become an effective design contributor.

The initial discussions on this forum will lead to a paper design that we will implement to provide a rough first version implementation of in the Lobby. With the Lobby we'll iterate on and polish the movement mechanics based on everyone's feedback. Once the movement mechanic design is complete, we'll also be able to establish level of design guidelines and start working on character design and balanace.

We love seeing the movement prototypes being created! This is a fantastic way to experiment, and to demonstrate and iterate on your ideas. We'd love to see more people working on prototypes, or working with prototype developers on refining their ideas.

With that out of the way, I'm going to summarize the movement element we are going to be talking about:

General Movement:
• Running speed (in related and past games we've only had forward movement and no back or strafing)
• Acceleration (how fast you change direction when moving)
• Air control (how much you can affect the direction of your movement while in the air)
• Jump height
• Gravity (affects how floaty the game feels. With higher gravity, even if the jump impulseis modified to result in the same jump height, you'll spend less time in the air)
• Dodging (while this hasn't been available in previous titles, it might add an interesting element to the game)
• Double jump (related games got double jump to reach hard places and solve impossible jumps otherwise without wings)
• Wall climb (animals got claws and some can climb trees, other's can't)


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